Flowers and plants have proven to be a no-fail present on countless occasions –birthdays, anniversaries, and reunions, just to name a few. They are also ideal just because gifts on ordinary days when you feel like randomly throwing surprises on your loved ones. We’ve seen how our special women fall head over heels with a beautiful bouquet of roses, or mom’s excitement over her new pot of exotic looking orchids. Lily’s Costa Mesa Florist challenges you to be the exemplar gift giver that you are, and keep them guessing what kind of flora are they getting the next time they receive presents from you. With our countless flowering and green plant arrangements, you could never go wrong in creating an impression to your recipients, while showering them with special treatment.

Need a versatile gift that will daze a male or female recipient? Costa Mesa Florist’s Garden Dish should be your go-to gender neutral present. Garden Dish consists of a mixture of green living plants like dieffenbachia, dracaena sanderiana, variegated peperomia, and green philodendron that are meticulously arranged in a square ceramic vase. This monochromatic green plant is a perfect gift for the colleagues this coming Kris Kringle.
What gift should you give to someone who seems to have it all? Like your boss, who is too difficult to impress sometimes. Send him, or her, our Expressions of Delight. It is an invigorating ensemble of three of the most popular garden plants –spathiphyllum, ivy, and dracaena with mainderhair fern. To make this arrangement even more delightful, Expressions of Delight is carefully tucked in a stylish brown bamboo rectangle complete with accents of river rocks. A reminder of abundance and generosity, Expressions of Delight is a professional gift for clients and the bosses.

So, you think bouquets are overrated? Send her a unique presentation of potted flowering plants like the Opulent Orchids. Opulent Orchids is a Zen inspired arrangement featuring enchanting blooms of white phaleanopsis orchid plants on slender bamboo support sticks. Delivered in a conventional bamboo planter, this divine plant is a gift suitable for any occasion.

Lily’s Costa Mesa Florist offers more of these charming plant arrangements perfect for gifts on any occasion. And since they are beautifully irresistible, why not get one for yourself? You may create your very own garden at home by asking our flower experts to create a special design of plant arrangements just for you! Call us today for orders and same day delivery.

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